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TreePod will help you get your next camping trip off the ground

There’s nothing that makes someone feel one with nature like camping. Taking it even further, there’s nothing quite like camping in a giant, life-sized Christmas ornament.

Previously, hanging shelters have largely served as fun, simple treehouses. TreePod is looking to take them to the next level, though, with a suspended camping tent big enough for two adult campers. As long as there is a strong anchor point, campers can sleep high and dry away from insects, animals, rocks, and roots.

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Other companies have already emerged in the fast-growing suspended tent market, but none have designed such a user-friendly experience. Existing tree tents require two or three perfectly spaced trees for their precise setup. The Camper from TreePod uses a single-point suspension system, needing only one sturdy branch.

After everything is set up, the tent can support up to 500 pounds of total weight. The aluminum frame has a 54 by 84-inch footprint, enough for two adults to sleep together comfortably. If you’re worried about the tent ending up an oversized swing set, four lines anchor set into the ground will prevent too much movement.

For convenience, each camper has a dedicated door. If privacy is your main concern, an optional mesh divider can keep the two campers more comfortably separated. Beyond that, the features become more standard. Mesh doors and windows have retractable weatherproof panels. They can be closed to fend off bad weather or left open to allow some airflow. The seams are also taped to better prevent moisture from getting in.

TreePod debuted the Camper this week during the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market with an expectation to hit the market by April 2017. With a retail price of $575, it will definitely be one of the most affordable options to get campers off the ground.

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