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TritonWear tech provides real-time tracking for competitive swimmers

tritonwear wearable swimming tech
Competitive swimmers are looking to improve their performance with a new piece of tech from TritonWear. This new piece of wearable tech analyzes nearly every aspect of their swim and records it in real time to a tablet or computer.

The device itself is rather unobtrusive and attaches to the strap of your goggles. After powering on, it uses motion sensors to record stroke count, turn time, time underwater, and much more. By beaming the data directly to an iPad, a coach can then analyze and compare specific swimmers across an entire team.

“Basically the coach can go out and see the athlete they want to look at or they can see a high-level overview of the team as they train,” said Tristan Lehari, co-founder and CEO of TritonWear. “They get real-time data every single length from their athletes.”

More specifically, the Triton unit measures the two important components of swimming: speed and stroke efficiency. For speed, the unit records distance, turn time, splits, time underwater, and more. To help efficiency, it measures stroke count, distance per stroke, breath count, and others. Using multiple units allows you to better compare a team as a whole, while still getting the same amount of in-depth data. A coach alone can’t focus on a whole team of swimmers. With TritonWear, he can.

All this data may seem overwhelming, which is why the company has produced an app that makes everything a little simpler to digest. The most important information is shown in individual swimmer tiles. The deeper data is automatically organized into sets, which make it that much easier to find the data you need.

TritonWear is already being used by swim teams around the world. Jeff Slater, the head coach at the University of Waterloo says, “This is a fantastic tool that allows us to try technical changes and see how they affect stroke, pacing, and other aspects in both real time and over many workouts with a large group of swimmers.”

With swimming getting more competitive each year, it’s technologies like TritonWear that allow athletes to get the most out of their practices. After all, each millisecond of improvement counts on race day.

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