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Walk in water without a problem with the Vessi waterproof knit shoes

You still won’t be able to walk on water, but walking in water just got a lot easier. Bid adieu to your days of fearing the rain and avoiding puddles at all costs — thanks to Vessi, your feet will fear no precipitation. These waterproof knit sneakers claim to help you live as active a lifestyle as you’d like, rain or shine.

Heralded as the world’s first 100 percent waterproof knit shoes, the Vessi is said to perform like a regular pair of sneakers but behave like a waterproof boot. It’s all said to depend upon the team’s Flash Knit technology, whose hydrophobic treatment keeps water away from your toes.

Key to the Flash Knit technology is a nano-filtering membrane, which is said to be “a waterproof and moisture-wicking layer that keeps your feet dry while allowing moisture from your sweat and body heat to escape the shoe.” Rather than using a waterproof coating, the Vessi’s waterproof functionality is built into the fabric of the shoe itself, and as such, the team claims the Vessi will be impervious to water for is lifespan.

There is also a Stretch Knit layer, comprised of a blend of polyester and nylon, which is said to create a form-fitting knit. So while you can’t personalize a Vessi shoe in the same way you can customize some other footwear, you still may be able to enjoy what feels like a personalized fit.

And while you probably still want to consider wearing socks, for moments when you need to just slip on a pair of sneakers and go, the Vessi features a comfort lining that claims to mimic the feeling of wearing socks.

And just as the shoe keeps water away from its exterior, it is said to have similar anti-moisture properties on the interior of the shoe as well. While many waterproof shoes create a rather steamy environment for your foot, the Vessi purports to wick away sweat and odor, keeping your feet feeling fresh and ventilated all day.

The durable rubber treads of the Vessi’s Vzero sole helps with traction, and the entire shoe is said to be quite lightweight.

We should point out that Vessi shoes are not yet in production, so there is no way of telling exactly how well these waterproof claims hold water. But if you would like to back the project, a pledge of $99 on Kickstarter should get you a pair of Vessis in April.

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