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Catch some serious air on the slopes with Wingjump, a wingsuit that’s just for skiers

Wingjump is the brainchild of a group of extreme sports enthusiasts who wanted to merge the experience of skiing with free flying. Instead of attaching a snow kite to a skier and propelling him skyward, the team wanted to create a product that let anyone, regardless of their skiing ability, feel the sensation of being lifted while downhill skiing. Out of this idea came the Wingjump, the world’s first pair of wings designed for skiing.

Inspired by the wingsuit, the Wingjump is worn like a cape while skiing. The wings clasp across the neck, drape over the shoulders and fit into a skier’s poles. This arrangement allows the skier to take the wings off when they are going up a chairlift and quickly put them back on before heading back down the slopes.

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The baffles built into the wing provide enough lift to provide the sensation of flying while skiing. Different models provide different amounts of lift, allowing the skier to dial in their level of adrenaline. The Wingjump Activ is a one-skin wing with the greatest overall stability and safety, while the Wingjump Activ Air provides some additional lift that makes each jump last longer. The Wingjump Active Carve is the top-of-the-line model, and provides a new way of catching air while carving and jumping while skiing.

Simplicity was baked into the design, allowing Wingjump wearers to use the wing like an ordinary piece of snow gear. It can be easily removed and quickly thrown over the shoulder of skiers when they are ready to carve down the mountain. When designing the wing, the team focused on safety, ensuring the Wingjump gave skiers the sensation of flying without sending them skyward. As a result of its safety-first design, the Wingjump is meant to be used by individuals as well as families who want to add a bit more to their skiing experience.

The base model Wingjump Activ is available on Indiegogo for 79 euros ($88 U.S.), while the Wingjump Activ Air will set you back 219 euros ($244). Extreme sports enthusiasts will want to pay the extra cash for the WIngjump Activ Carve, which is available for 556 euros ($355). All Wingjump models are expected to ship in December.

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