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ZenBivy’s new hybrid sleeping bag makes mummy bags look downright primitive

Last year, we told you about an innovative new sleep system that promised to give campers the best night’s sleep possible in the outdoors. At the time, the ZenBivy Bed was a revelation, doing away with the mummy-style sleeping bags we’ve grown accustomed to in favor of a new approach that used a fitted sheet attached to a sleeping pad and a comfortable quilt that provided a surprising amount of warmth. This approach offered a more natural sleeping environment that won rave reviews from outdoor enthusiasts. Now, the designers behind the original ZenBivy are back, this time with a lightweight version that promises to improve on the original in some key ways.

The new ZenBivy Light Bed launched on Indiegogo on Thursday, September 13, and uses a similar approach as its predecessor. Much like the original ZenBivy, the Light Bed comes with a fitted sheet and quilt that work in conjunction with one another to keep campers warm and comfortable when spending the night in the backcountry. The benefit of this system is that it allows the user to move around in his or her sleep without twisting and turning inside a confining sleeping bag. Just as your quilt floats over you as you move about in your bed at home, the ZenBivy system does the same, providing a consistent sleeping experience.

But the new Light Bed lives up to its name by shedding excess ounces without sacrificing performance. The new addition to the ZenBivy lineup weighs as little as 1 pound, 13 ounces for a regular size quilt and sheet. Jumping up to a larger version, made to accommodate taller campers, will add a few ounces to the weight, as will choosing a version that is warmer as well. The ZenBivy Light Bed is available at three different temperature ratings, with a 40-degree Fahrenheit version using synthetic insulation, while the 25- and 10-degree versions both using 800-fill hydrophobic down instead.

The team at ZenBivy is hoping to raise $50,000 through its crowdfunding campaign in order to get the new sleep system into production. If successful, the Light Bed should begin shipping in early 2019. The 40-degree model is expected to sell for $229, while the 10-degree version is priced at $479. Both should be available in May. The 25-degree Light Bed will sell for $379 and should start shipping in March. All versions can be ordered now at substantial discounts, although as always it pays to understand the risks you face when backing any crowdfunding campaign.

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