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US military offers first-ever announcement of cyber attack on ISIS

For perhaps the first time in U.S. history, the Department of Defense has admitted to deploying network-based electronic attacks -- this time against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

At last! This gadget lets you play streamed music without your phone

The days of downloading tracks from iTunes are fading into distant memory. Check out this little iPod Shuffle-looking device that stores and streams your Spotify songs and playlists for easy Spotify music listening on the go.

The latest Boston Dynamics video has inspired tons of ‘Robot Lives Matter’ parody videos

The demo video of the latest generation Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics getting teased by his handlers went viral, garnering millions of views over the weekend and stirring up humans like a hive of bees. Now parody videos are popping up…
Emerging Tech

This VR t-shirt teaches anatomy by letting you virtually peer inside someone’s body

Virtuali-Tee is a VR-enabled t-shirt that gives kids an immersive anatomy lesson. The app brings the 3D experience of an adventure inside the body to life, and it's viewable on a smartphone, tablet, or for the full experience, through a VR…

Microsoft goes after Comcast customer suspected of pirating thousands of Windows copies

Microsoft has gone to a federal court to subpoena a Comcast customer who allegedly pirated its software, including Windows 7 and 8, through stolen activation keys.

Acer’s new 32-inch Predator monitor will super-size your gaming experience

Acer is back with a big, bad, 32-inch 4K gaming display. It packs in every feature a PC gamer could want, with a 60 Hz refresh rate, 4 ms response time, and Nvidia's G-Sync adaptive refresh technology.

Xbox One March update adds backward-compatible game purchases, 16-player party chat

Microsoft will roll out a new wave of features to the Xbox preview community Tuesday, which will focus on expanding party chat and the console's compatibility with Xbox 360 games.
Home Theater

Amazon in talks with AMC and ESPN for its own live streaming TV service

Amazon continues its quest to create a live TV streaming service, reaching out to ESPN and AMC as possible add-on networks. With Showtime and Starz already available, Amazon looks to be making a big play for cord-cutters this year.

Harmonix launches crowdfunding campaign for Rock Band on PC

Harmonix has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a PC version of its multiplayer rhythm game Rock Band 4, revealing that it plans to resurrect the user content-driven Rock Band Network as part of the porting process.

Tidal fires more top brass, cans COO and CFO

Music streaming company Tidal has yet again fired some top brass, letting go both its Chief Operating Officer Nils Juell and Chief Financial Officer Chris Hart in the midst of a consolidation effort.
DT Daily

Apple will lean on recent federal judge’s decision as it faces FBI before congress

Apple takes its case against the FBI before the House Judiciary Committee today, with a recent decision made on an unrelated case in its back pocket. Apple will argue the FBI has no right to demand it hack an iPhone used in the San…
Movies & TV

Chinese box office outgrosses North America for the first time ever

A not-so-little Mermaid has helped the Chinese box-office outpace North American theater chains for the first month in history. The country also bested U.S.-only box-office totals for just the second month ever.