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Kanye announces new album due this summer during Twitter rant

Rapper Kanye West announced plans to release a new album this summer in the middle of a Twitter rant, and shared the first potential new track at a private party in Los Angeles.

Weird Al Yankovic's Mandatory World Tour extends into 2016

Weird Al Yankovic's Mandatory World Tour is continuing. The master of parody has announced that he is extending the tour into 2016, with dozens of new stops added. The first show is on June 3.

Pinterest adds movie and recipe data to pins in time for the Oscars

For Pinterest users who have become frustrated with clicking around for recipe and movie information, Pinterest has added new rich data to its recipe and movie pins. The new data provides much of the information directly on the pin.
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Love it! Facebook launches reaction emojis globally

Facebook now offers several reaction emojis to enhance its like button. Now you can express love, anger, sadness, shock and more for any post you might otherwise have simply liked. It's not an unlike button, bit it will do.

Google introduces voice typing for Google Docs

Today, you might've noticed something a little different about your Google Docs -- on the top left hand corner of your screen, you're now being prompted to try out the Internet giant's latest feature: voice commands.

UberMOTO launches in Thailand, providing customers with motorcycle rides

If getting in an Uber car doesn't make you feel safe, perhaps a motorcycle will assuage your fears. At least, that's what the transportation giant is banking on now that it's launched its first motorcycle service in Bangkok.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme to star in upcoming comedy series on Amazon Prime TV

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back, and he's coming to Amazon. In a slew of firsts, the action hero is making his television debut, and he's foregoing all the major networks for the streaming service.
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Netflix’s first German series is coming in 2017

Netflix has set its first German series for 2017. Called Dark, the show is described as a "family saga with a supernatural twist." It centers on four families after the disappearance of two children.

Ads pop up on Windows 10 lock screen, and it's not malware: Microsoft put them there

Windows 10 users are starting to see ads pop up on the lock screen, in some cases taking up the full screen. Here's how to turn those ads off entirely.
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Jennifer Lawrence is the highest-paid 2016 Oscar nominee, with $52 million earned in 2015

Whether or not Jennifer Lawrence wins another Oscar at the 2016 Academy Awards, she has been named the highest-paid of this year's nominees. The actress earned $52 million in the qualifying period.

A face-drawing robot, animated 3D drawing app, and more crazy Android Experiments

Android has a big presence at Mobile World Congress 2016, and Google is using it to showcase a few fun Android Experiments. Take a look at the IOIO Plotter, which draws your face in one continuous line after you take a selfie.
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Can't resist the snooze button? This alarm clock trains you to wake up on time with small electric zaps

The Pavlok alarm is a wearable that doesn't just rely on noise to rouse you from your restful slumber -- instead, it utilizes the vibration, buzzer, and a patent-pending electric zap. Good morning, indeed.