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Andrew Dice Clay’s new Showtime comedy will be released all at once online

Showtime is giving binge-watchers something to look forward to: The premium network will release the full first season of its upcoming comedy Dice on digital platforms prior to its TV premiere.

Cash, credit, or ApplePay? The Overture iPhone 6/6s wallet case carries them all

The Moshi Overture manages to pack a lot of useful features into a relatively slim wallet case. It almost seems natural that your phone would eventually become part of your wallet and vice versa.

Use touch gestures on the spacebar with the Poseidon Z Touch gaming keyboard 

Your thumbs are sitting on the spacebar already, so why not use them to perform multitouch gestures? That's the idea behind the new Poseidon Z Touch gaming keyboard, which offers gestures like scrolling and programmable macros.

Payday 2 hits SteamOS, goes free for the rest of March

The Windows PC version of the cooperative heist sim Payday 2 is now free to play on Steam until the end of March as developer Overkill Software commemorates the game's SteamOS launch.
Emerging Tech

Boeing’s new submarine drone can traverse 7,500 miles in a single charge

Dubbed the Echo Voyager, Boeing's latest robotic submarine boasts the ability to navigate Earth's oceans autonomously for up to six months at a time. Open-sea testing of the vessel is expected to occur this summer.

A two-year-old security flaw could give hijackers root access to your Android phone

A security flaw discovered two years ago in the Linus kernel could give hackers root access to Android devices. Google already issued a patch, but it's unknown when most of the device will receive the update.

Report: Nintendo will stop making Wii U consoles in 2016

Nintendo will stop manufacturing the Wii U by the end of 2016. The console manufacturer has already shut down production of certain Wii U accessories, and will cease production of the console itself later this year.

Look ma, no hands! How to use Google Docs’ new voice dictation

Voice dictation is now available in Google Docs, and it can be used to do almost anything you can accomplish with a keyboard and mouse. Here are some handy tips and tricks for hands-free typing.

Is bigger really better? iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6S

Apple's newly unveiled iPhone SE, reportedly the "most powerful 4-inch phone." Just how powerful? We compare the specs of the newly announced SE with Apple's flagship iPhone 6S to see what kind of power the tiny smartphone really holds.

Zero Escape series finale hits 3DS and Vita in June, Steam version in the works

Publisher and localization studio Aksys Games revealed that the final chapter in its Zero Escape series will launch for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in June, followed by a Steam release later this year.
Emerging Tech

NASA is sending a special zero-gravity 3D printer to the International Space Station today

NASA is sending a new version of Made In Space's 3D printer to the International Space Station today, on a scheduled launch of the Cygnus spacecraft. The printing facility will be made available to Earth-bound scientists who want to test…