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This tiny new radio module can wirelessly broadcast data from inside the human body

Researchers from the University of Michigan want to improve the intelligence of implantable medical devices by equipping them with a mini computing and communications system,
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$3 gets you an Osram LED light bulb that lasts for 10 years

Osram Sylvania is releasing a new super cheap LED light bulb that lasts for ten years instead of the standard 20-plus, because they believe focusing on the quality of light and bringing the price down to $3 will help more people make the…
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Mind-controlled robotic arm lets users wiggle individual fingers with just a thought

Engineers at Johns Hopkins have developed a new prototype of a mind-controlled prosthetic arm that can wiggle individual fingers with just a thought, thanks to brain mapping and programming technology that gives the person complete control.

Is the new Civic more powerful than Honda is letting on?

The 1.5-liter turbocharged engine in the 2016 Honda Civic may be more powerful than the brand originally claimed. Officially rated at 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque, a recent dyno run measured the car at 177 hp and 190 lb-ft at…
Emerging Tech

Virgin Galactic unveils its new and improved SpaceShipTwo

After publishing a press release revealing an imminent unveil, Virgin Galactic officially shared photos of its new and improved SpaceShipTwo. The company also announced it still plans on taking paying customers to the edge of space.

Three becomes the first European carrier to block adverts across its network

With its recent deal with Shine, European carrier Three announced it is the first carrier on the continent to implement ad-blocking features on its network. Interestingly, not every single advert will be blocked.
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China displaces thousands in search for ET’s phone call

China is putting the finishing touches on a new alien-hunting radio telescope that will make the giant Arecibo dish look like an inverted tinfoil hat.

Volkswagen CEO may have known about the emissions scandal much earlier than he let on

On Thursday, the New York Times reported that internal memos and emails from Volkswagen "suggest that company executives pursued a strategy of delay and obfuscation with United States regulators after being confronted in early 2014."
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Clean Sleep is sort of like a mobile car wash for your mattress

Cleaning your mattress is one chore that's easy to ignore, but Clean Sleep, which is appearing on Shark Tank tonight, wants to do all the work for you with its machine, which is inside a converted truck.
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SimpliSafe burglar alarms may not be keeping you safe at all

A burglar alarm system has one job, and one job only -- to sound an alarm when intruders venture into your property. Unfortunately, SimpliSafe has failed its singular task in rather epic proportions.

Street Fighter V modders have already brought back R. Mika's 'butt slap'

A Street Fighter V modder has found a way to surface a pair of animations, which were altered for the North American version of the game over concerns they might make some players uncomfortable.

Google sets its sights on Singapore for new engineering team

Saturating the western market may be enough for some companies, but Google is by no means "some companies." Moving on in their quest for world domination, the Internet giant announced it would be building an engineering team in Singapore.