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AMD’s new Gaming Evolved can automatically edit your gameplay clips into a highlight reel

AMD is looking to give its Gaming Evolved software a new life with vastly improved game recording features that can automatically edit clips into a highlight reel.
Movies & TV

Infamous Kanye West footage makes for hilarious American Crime Story parody

Funny or Die has given Kanye West's many notorious moments over the years a brilliant spin in a hilarious new parody video: Using footage from American Crime Story, as well as of the musician, the comedy website has created The People v…

Asus crams every feature possible into its new curved gaming monitor

Not all monitors are created equal, and Asus is setting out to prove that with this curved, ultra-wide, G-Sync enabled gaming monitor --everything a gamer needs to take things to the next level.

Loaded with tech and room to sprawl, Kia's Sportage is compact in name only

Find out what we think of the new 2017 Kia Sportage. How does it compare to the competition in the compact crossover market, and how good is the value?

Dems and Republicans agree: Watching a bald eagle being born is pretty damn American

Stop what you're doing right now, and watch a bald eagle being hatched. Because even in times as politically divisive as these, nothing could possibly be more American than a live webcast of our national bird being born.
Social Media

Twitter's algorithmic timeline is here to stay, here's how to turn it off

Twitter has enabled its algorithmic timeline by default, but it can easily be turned off. All you have to do is head to settings and uncheck a box, after which your posts will be ranked chronologically once again.

Her Story, The Witcher 3 top IGF, Game Developers Choice 2016 awards

CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Sam Barlow's Her Story claimed top honors at the Game Developers Choice Awards and IGF Awards during ceremonies held at the 2016 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

If the FBI wins, Apple’s engineers may quit rather than break iPhone encryption

Should the FBI prevail in court and Apple is ordered to create a backdoor, there may be another obstacle for the FBI -- the engineers. Sources say several engineers have already vowed to quit, if the government forces their hands.

Spec showdown: iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3

Apple is ready for the iPad to compete with Microsoft's Surface line. Does the iPad Pro bring the hardware needed to compete, or is the Surface Pro still the tablet of choice for those who need a serious mobile machine?

Michael Kors jumps on smartwatch bandwagon with new Access collection

Michael Kors will finally offer a smartwatch. Announced at Baselworld in Switzerland, and based on Android Wear, Michael Kors Access caters to both women and men with glamorous and sporty looks.