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Future versions of Google Now will work offline and learn your preferences

Google Now is a great assistant, but it's about to get better. A recent paper from Google suggests that the company is working on a version of its assistant that is able to work without being connected to the Internet.
Movies & TV

The Lethal Weapon TV series has its Riggs and Murtaugh

The Lethal Weapon television series based on the hit movie franchise has cast Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans as LAPD Detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, respectively, for the Fox show's pilot episode.
Emerging Tech

This company wants to combat space junk with a fleet of satellite repair vehicles

ViviSat has a radical idea to tackle the growing issue of space junk. The company is attacking the problem at its source by developing the Mission Extender Vehicle that will prolong the life of a satellite by up to 15 years.

Dell’s new XPS 13 precision laptops ship with Linux instead of Windows

If you hate Windows so much that you're willing to shell out some extra cash for Linux, Dell has the offer of a lifetime available on its website right now, having launched Ubuntu-based variants of its popular notebooks.

Billion dollar bank heist foiled by one spelling mistake

If you're going to try and steal a billion dollars, you better make sure your spelling is good. One hacking group that targeted Bangladesh's Central Bank may have missed out on close to a billion dollars because it misspelled "foundation."
Emerging Tech

Extinguish a fire by throwing this ball into it

Just think of it as a grenade in reverse -- when you throw the Elide Fire Ball into the flames, it creates an explosion that actually puts out a fire. Crazy? A little. Awesome? Absolutely.
Movies & TV

'10 Cloverfield Lane's' monster of a mystery will leave you squirming

'10 Cloverfield Lane' will keep you guessing with yet another unexpected spin on monster movies from JJ Abrams' Bad Robot team and a tense mystery that will keep you guessing until the credits roll.
Virtual Reality

Can’t make it to Coachella? Don’t worry – you’ll be able to watch it remotely with VR

Coachella has partnered with to create a Virtual Reality app so that fans will be able to live stream festival sets to any VR headset from the comfort of their homes. The app includes a video library of top performers and even…

Department of Justice threatens to take Apple’s iOS source code in San Bernardino case

Apple could be in hot water if the Department of Justice forces the company to hand over its entire source code. It's what happened to Lavabit, a secure email client used by NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Blizzard just patched Diablo II, a game that came out 16 years ago

Diablo II should be easier to run on Windows 10 and Intel Macs, thanks to a patch from Blizzard. The game was first released in 2000, an eternity ago by gaming standards. Patches for other classics could be on the way.
Emerging Tech

Buy solar power from your neighbor via the Brooklyn Microgrid

They say sharing is caring, and that's the idea behind a novel New York initiative that is allowing individuals to buy and sell energy from renewable sources via a peer-to-peer network

‘Forget what you’ve heard,’ From Software says — Dark Souls 3 runs at 60fps on PC

From Software has confirmed that the baseless rumors stemming from Reddit that Dark Souls 3 would be locked at 30fps on PC are, in fact, without base. Instead, you'll get at least 60fps assuming you have a rig that can handle it.