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Low-cost Ghost AR headset promises MacOS multitasking on steroids

Ghost is a more affordable augmented reality (AR) headset allows you to create infinite MacOS windows that hover around you in virtual space. Get ready to take multitasking to the next level!
Emerging Tech

Mylo vegetarian leather grows from mushroom roots in days

Bolt Thread's Mylo vegetarian leather grows from mushroom root networks in days without the environmentally harmful gases cattle produce for years until harvested for their meat and hides.
Emerging Tech

Rock stars wear them, and so should you: A review of earplugs for concertgoers

We tried out a range of universal earplugs designed specifically for musicians and live music listeners. There are a few different approaches manufacturers take to attenuate dBs without distorting sounds. Here’s our non-exhaustive look at…

Apple’s first-generation MacBook is Amazon’s Deal of the Day

Amazon wants to welcome you to the dongle life with its MacBook deal of the day! If you're getting this first-generation refurbished MacBook, you may want to pick up some accessories to connect to that lonesome USB Type-C port.

20 million Chrome users are fooled into downloading fake ad blockers

Fake ad blockers is real news! These malicious extensions generated more than 20 million downloads on the Chrome store and their popularity shows that many internet users are still susceptible to malicious software.

Moto G6 vs. Moto G5: Is it time to crown a new budget king?

The Moto G6 will be looking to take its place as the king of the budget smartphone market. but there's a lot of strong competition out there, not least the older Moto G5. Which phone wins when old and new collide?

Hackers modify ransomware to deliver a Coinhive cryptocurrency-mining payload

Trend Micro discovered two variants on the XiaoBa ransomware that carries a cryptocurrency-mining payload. More specifically, it injects the Coinhive script into webpages cached on your PC while browsing the internet.

There’s an entire photo studio in your phone with this AR app

Ready to experiment with lights, or pre-visualize a shoot? Photo Studio AR is an augmented reality app, from a developer with both Hollywood and Snapchat experience, that allows users to place models, lights, and props into a scene.

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ reportedly drops its single-player campaign

According to report from Polygon, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 won't have a single-player campaign due to time constraints. Developer Treyarch has reshifted its focus on multiplayer and zombies.
Product Review

The Canary View is a great camera at a great price, but is it too good to be true?

Canary’s $99 budget security camera offers great features and fabulous imaging but doesn’t quite meet the mark.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Amazon lets anyone create Alexa skills with Blueprint

Creating custom skills for Amazon Alexa speakers is now possible, and downright easy with the new Alexa Skills Blueprint. It lets Alexa owners create fun skills designed to entertain and bring the family together.
Emerging Tech

A sensor-packed exosuit lets you fly a drone by pretending to be one

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a smart superhero-style exosuit which allows users to pilot a drone by pretending to be one. Let's just hope you're not too shy to use it in public!