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Emerging Tech

Wind turbines have a bird murdering problem, but a solution is at hand

Researchers at Oregon State University have developed smart technology that could identify and help stop endangered eagles from accidentally flying into wind turbines. Here's how it works.

With its portable power pack, the HOPR ebike is built for bike-sharing programs

The HOPR is the first dockless ebike built specifically with bike-sharing in mind. Users receive a portable battery pack that provides 10 miles of range at up to 15 mph, creating a unique commuting option for urban settings.

Pro cycling will employ new technology to combat ‘mechanical doping’

The UCI, professional cycling's governing body, announced extensive measures to combat "technological fraud" by rolling out X-ray machines and miniature scanners designed to check for hidden motors on a rider's bike.

The Samsung Note 9 may feature an on-screen fingerprint sensor

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will surely be big, bold, and pricey, but will it be foldable, or have an under-display fingerprint sensor? Those are just some of the rumors around one of 2018's most-anticipated phones.

Getty is using watermarks to create safe drinking water

Think watermarks are just for protecting images? Getty is now using them to raise money to provide clean drinking water in third-world countries with a campaign called Watermarks for Water.

From photos to tax returns, versatile inkjet printers have you covered

Inkjet printers are incredibly versatile. Besides text documents, many can also print photos -- some can even make museum-quality prints. Multifunction variants add scan, copy, and fax. Here are our current favorites.
Car Review

No longer an ugly duckling, Jeep's new Cherokee still likes to play in the mud

Divorced from its truck-like roots but still confident off-road, Jeep’s 2019 Cherokee leaves behind the odd styling of its predecessor and gains turbocharged engine options, a better-behaved transmission, and more.
Movies & TV

Seth Rogen leads an all-star lineup for Netflix special ‘Hilarity for Charity’

Seth Rogen has tapped some of comedy's biggest names for his upcoming Netflix special, Hilarity for Charity. The actor revealed his guests in a video announcement, naming Sacha Baron Cohen, Sarah Silverman, and more.

IBM’s blockchain-ready CPU is smaller than a grain of salt, costs just 10 cents

IBM kicked off its Think 2018 conference today with a bombshell announcement: It has made the world's smallest computer, and it's designed from the ground up to work with the blockchain to protect you from fraud.

IBM breaks law by allegedly firing older workers for young ones, report says

A recent investigation reports that IBM is firing older employees for younger workers to better compete with its "fiercest competitors." The company reportedly eliminated 20,000 employees over 40 in the past five years.

Galactic battle: How the Galaxy S9 Plus camera compares to Samsung predecessors

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are here, and some of you may be debating whether to upgrade from your older Samsung device. We grabbed an S7 Edge, a Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy Note 8 to see if the S9 Plus' camera is worth the upgrade.
Social Media

Instagram is messing with the news feed again, and more changes are coming

Instagram feed look different? That's because Instagram is now moving recent posts further up the feed. The company says it will be making news feed changes over the next few months, along with testing a refresh button.