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Newest Navy attack sub uses an Xbox controller to operate its periscope

The USS Colorado attack submarine is one of the Navy's newest and most advanced weapon platforms. It's a sophisticated, high-tech wonder with all the latest technology, including Xbox game controllers.
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Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi offers internet service to developing countries

Facebook has launched a new service called Wi-Fi Express which aims to provide affordable internet access to those living in developing countries.

A typo in ‘Civilization VI’ game code can ‘yeild’ some strange A.I. behavior

A misspelling buried in the programming for Civilization VI may be why your A.I. opponents are emphasizing faith rather than gold or production. An intrepid modder discovered the error, and Firaxis has responded.
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Do more with your drone: 5 things you can do with a UAV (aside from taking pics)

Check out the amazing things you can do with drones - besides take incredible photos and video! Incredible opportunities include drone racing, drone search and rescue, volunteering for drone wildlife conservation, and more!
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Wish you could fly? Here are the best drones on the market right now

To help you navigate the increasingly large and ever-changing landscape of consumer UAVs, here's a no-nonsense rundown of the best drones you can buy right now

Should Spotify launch a record label and become the Netflix of music?

Spotify makes a lot of money, but most of that is eaten up in licensing fees. One industry insider suggests that Netflix could provide a model for the company to embrace original content.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs. Apple iPhone X: Tough competition at the top

The Galaxy S9 Plus has emerged from the wreckage of MWC 2018, big, bad, and hungry for a challenge. Can the iPhone X step up the plate and show this young upstart who really rules the mobile roost?

Edit, sign, append, and save with 12 of the best PDF editors

There are plenty of PDF editors to be had online, and though the selection is robust, finding a solid solution with the tools you need can be tough. Here, we've rounded up best PDF editors, so you can edit no matter your budget or OS.
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Severe solar storms could stop self-driving cars dead in their tracks

Self-driving cars that rely on satellite data may be subject to the effects of solar storms, meteorologists are warning. Disruptions in GPS communications could cause many autonomous vehicles to pull over and stop.
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In bid to compete with Amazon, Walmart files patents for farming drones

Automated farms may be closer than we think. Walmart has filed patents for six drones, which are meant to aid farmers in managing their crops.
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NASA’s planet-hunting deep space telescope is about to run out of fuel

The Kepler telescope is running on empty, and there's no way to fill up the tank. As the groundbreaking mission nears its end, the engineers' last priority is retrieving the months of data stored on the spacecraft.

Could the most advanced electric car come with a Porsche emblem on the hood?

Porsche's Mission E concept won't change much as it transitions to a production model scheduled to arrive in 2019. That means the sedan will keep the sleek design and its 800-volt charging system.