Essential wellness gifts for the healthy techie in your life

Essential wellness gifts for the healthy techie in your life

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This holiday season, the gifts that keep on giving are the ones that will help your friends and family take care of their health. The six products below are the perfect gift for that person on your list who always keeps their New Year’s Resolution, or who needs the extra help this year.

1. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Electrical Toothbrush
Ever since the first electric toothbrush came to market in 1927, the concept has basically been the same: bristles plus motor plus voltage equals a deeper clean than elbow grease can provide. Now, however, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Electrical Toothbrush up the ante with a host of new technologies bringing the best possible clean to your mouth. A suite of custom brushes communicate with the motor to create different brushing techniques, including targeting gums and surface stains, while the companion app provides real-time tracking to ensure you’ll hit every spot. What’s more, the same app will track any problem areas your dentist has pointed out. All of it adds up one of the most significant advancements in personal hygiene in almost a century.

2. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Airwrap Styler
Hot-air dryers do more than dry out your hair: excessive and regular heat can irreparably damage hair, resulting in frizzy, dull, and brittle locks. Dyson’s Supersonic dryer is armed with an intelligent heat regulator that ensures your hair avoids excessive heat damage, by monitoring the air temperature 20 times per second. That’s all well and good if you’re only drying your hair, but a more serious culprit is the curling iron. Dyson’s Airwrap styler takes their innovation one step further, with a hair styler that emits no extreme heat. The secret is in how it manipulates hair’s hydrogen bonds with water and low heat rather than extreme temperatures.

3. Smart Scale
While health apps are ubiquitous on practically every smart phone, their benefits are limited by the data you put in. One of the easiest ways to make your health app work, is to get a smart scale that can monitor important health metrics like weight, BMI, body fat percentage, bone mass, and more. There are dozens of smart scales on the market, each offering a different suite of capabilities; fortunately, Digital Trends put together a guide on the best smart scales of 2018.

4. Juicer
There’s no easier way to get your daily diet of fruits and vegetables than with a juicer. Those looking for the “Ferrari of juice industry” should check out Hurom’s H-AI Slow Juicer, but for most folks Digital Trends recommends Breville’s Juice Fountain Elite. See our complete survey of the best juicers of 2018 here.

5. AllTrails Pro Subscription
Hikers known that AllTrails is the best app for anyone headed to the great outdoors, particularly since an update earlier this year brought greater detail to its maps of 50,000 trails. AllTrails Pro makes these features available offline—a necessity for any trail truly worth hiking—a gift for which any hiker will be grateful.

6. Peloton Tread, NordicTrack RW900, or Mirror
Whatever your preferred form of cardio, there’s a piece of smart home-gym equipment prepared to bring you to peak performance. Peloton, the makers of the ubiquitous smart bike, recently expanded their offerings to include Peloton Tread, which is basically a treadmill outfitted with a large touchscreen. That screen, with a subscription, gives access to trainer-led boot camps and workouts. Those who prefer rowing to running should check out the new RW900, made by NordicTrack, the most reliable manufacturers of the home-gym stalwart. And for those looking for a more robust workout, Mirror is an at-home personal trainer in the form of a large LCD display. Homebodies and techies rejoice: the home gym has entered the twenty-first century.