CES 2012: Full of fun, flexibility, and functionality, Samsung unveils new Q20 and QF20 camcorders

Flexibility seems to be the key term when examining Samsung’s new Q20 and QF20 camcorders unveiled today at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Successors to the Q10, the Q20 and F20 allow users the ability to capture video and images from a multitude of angles thanks to the devices Switch Grip II technology. What Switch Grip allows is the opportunity to bring out your inner Scorsese and capture video from virtually any angle using the onboard digital triaxial accerleration sensor. When active, the sensor recognizes the camera angle being of the user and turns the LCD display.

Additionally, the Q20 provides full 1080i HD recording with a 20x optical zoom and a fluid and functional form. The Q20 is lightweight and is designed for those on-the-moments. While pretty similar, the QF20 model add further functionality and mirrors Samsung’s new line of SMART cameras with built-in Wi-Fi capability for uploading and sharing video, images, and more. There is even an Auto-Backup feature to quickly and safely backup your content to a PC.