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Chilean hilltop Hobbit hotel

No you haven’t stumbled upon new screenshots of the upcoming Hobbit film, this 13-room hotel might look like it was ripped right out of Peter Jackson’s upcoming epic adventures, but in reality it’s nestled in the private Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in northern Chile’s Patagonia region — and not Middle Earth

Called the Magic Mountain Lodge, the charming hobbit-like hotel is cone-shaped with dormer windows, enveloped by a vegetated and stone facade. When standing at the base of the building, a stream of water playfully journeys down, soaking everything and everyone in its path.  The design of the The Magic Mountain Lodge was intended to evoke a local and ancient legend that tells of a magic mountain in the area that grants wishes.

The lodge is certainly a testament  and celebration of the region’s biodiversity and heritage, including a great many plant and animal life specific to the area. Of course, it’s also a charming spot where ecotourists can come and take in the sight’s and sounds of nature  — and once that is done, the lodge is, after all, a lodge — travelers can expect to enjoy a full bar, restaurant, and sauna inside. Outside, visitors can relax in one of the many hot tubs made from the hollows of tree stumps, in keeping perfectly with the style and theme of this Patagonian paradise.

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