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Former Facebook COO one-ups Zuckerberg with new $8.6 million house

Thought Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s house was impressive? His former COO shelled out $1.6 million more for his new digs. Owen Van Natta filled many roles while at Facebook, at one point serving as its chief revenue officer and another as VP of operations. He left (or was “gracelessly and publicly fired”, according to Gawker) in 2008 and after a brief CEO stint at MySpace, is currently the executive vice president at Zynga – which is why he can afford his fancy, Zuckerberg-shaming new house.

The $8.6 million mansion, also located in Silicon Valley, boasts 7,000 square feet, five bedrooms and five baths, in-ground pool, tennis courts, and plenty of seclusion. The estate itself is nearly triple that of Zuckerberg’s – and is spitting distance from the Facebook CEO’s new home: It’s about 15 blocks away.

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