Can you spot a billionaire? Probably not, based on the way these 9 tech CEOs dress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently generated buzz, not for a new feature on the social network, but for his choice of fashion – or lack of. His preference for plain, single-color T-shirts and hoodies doesn’t exactly project the image of someone worth $47 billion.

But having a conventional signature look is actually typical in the tech world, and Zuckerberg is just one of the many Silicon Valley leaders to adopt a standard uniform, giving way to style known as “normcore.” From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, to Meg Whitman and John Legere, tech CEOs sure have a distinctive sense of style. They may own other clothes, but for their public-facing personas, they have one look that is all their own.

It’s easy to assume that fashion is the least of their priorities — Sure, they probably have more important things to worry about (creating the next hit product, pulling a company out of the red, etc.). On the contrary, the decision to wear the same thing every day is a fashion statement – one they have clearly thought about.

So lest we dismiss these tech CEOs as unfashionable, it’s worth noting that they may have gotten to the top by sticking to the same clothes. If you want to replicate the look, we have a few options for you. Check out the following runway show of Silicon Valley executives and their signature styles.

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