Italian kitchen designers make cooking high tech with the Prisma kitchen

We’ve seen plenty of interesting kitchen concepts that predominantly feature glass or touchscreens. What we haven’t seen is the concept put to any practical purpose. The Prisma kitchen by Italian kitchen design company Toncelli uses a touchscreen and glass features that seem like they would actually work in a real kitchen. Toncelli’s design also comes with several features that add fluidity to the island space that they’ve created.

Toncelli teamed up with Experientia, an experience design consultancy, to create the high-tech Prisma kitchen. The firms will exhibit their creation at EuroCucina 2012, a trade show for high-end kitchen furnishings.

What does the Prisma come with that makes it tech friendly? On one side of the island, a Samsung Galaxy Tab has been integrated to create a “fully interactive and engaging kitchen experience.” The tablet controls basic kitchen functions like locking doors, refrigerator settings and adjusting heat on the stove top. We also imagine that you could use the Galaxy Tab tech to look up recipes, listen to music or just browse the Web whilst waiting on that roast.

Some other features include invisible handles, hanging cupboards, a vertical fridge and transparent top pieces with base illumination. The feature we like the most is the sliding cutting board. In the photos above, you can see a red bar above the island. That is the sliding board, and it even appears to come with trays, perhaps for utensils or as a place to slide the food garbage.

The design is very minimalist, with simple contrasts like the black glass top and the anodized aluminum finishing. Plus, it all looks futuristic like something off of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sets.