Photographer turns real architecture into Jenga using digital retouching

Have you ever looked at a building you don’t like, and try to reimagine it differently from how the architect designed it? Barcelona-based photographer Víctor Enrich did just that in his project, NHDK, but instead of redesigning a structure architecturally, he went conceptual and digitally manipulated the NH Hotel building in Munich, Germany, into 88 different, impossible configurations. From the building repositioned to stand on its side to it swaying like a falling Jenga tower or floating in the air.

The project isn’t the first time Enrich has digitally altered his photographs of buildings. He has photographed structures in other cities around the world, including Helsinki, Finland, Riga, Latvia, and Tel Aviv, Israel, turning them into works of art through 3D graphics and digital retouching. He has various series, and all his photos are available for purchase.

(Via Colossal; images via Víctor Enrich)