Pictures: Paul Allen’s $13.5 million private island goes up for sale

Allan Island, the private property owned from billionaire Paul Allen, is for sale. The island, near Anacortes, Washington, is coincidentally named for a Navy war hero and not the former colleague of Bill Gates. He bought it back in the early 90s, and this is his second attempt to sell it off. This time it’s being marked down though: Sale price is $13.5 million, down about $11 million since Allen tried to sell it in 2005. Quite the steal.

At the moment it’s little more than terrain you’d be purchasing. A log cabin, airstrip, dock, and empty lots are all that sit on Allan Island’s 292 acres of forest and beach. But if you’re looking to build and own your own private island—accessible via plane or boat—then check out the photos.

(Images: Windermere)