Samsung drops, and encourages you to do the same, its rugged and resilient W300/W350 camcorders at CES 2012

There are many camcorders out on the market today, and while most of them will easily shoot in HD and capture your adventurous youngster’s first step, sometimes you need something a little more resilient. Enter the Samsung W300/W350. The W300/350 are Samsung’s latest and most rugged range of camcorders.

Built to withstand virtually any onslaught, the W300 is water-proof up to five meters, can absorb a shock inducing fall from heights of up to two meters, and is even dust proof , perfect for all those sandy beach excursions.

The W300 can capture video in 1080/30p full HD video and even hosts an optional floating bumper in the W350 model so users can place it on water and capture images while it floating the camcorder on water.

But just because it tough doesn’t mean it’s any less efficient because the W300/W350 feature a BSI CMOS Sensor and F/2.2 Bright Lens which allow it to capture video in low-light environments and still output high image quality.