Photos: Government agencies say goodbye to social media … for now

The United States Congress did not reach an agreement on a budget, which caused all government services considered non-essential to shut down until an agreement is reached. And this shutdown is impacting the government’s online presence.

The government shutdown is a big deal, and it’s leaving people in the lurch in a real way. Even though services deemed essential continue to run, like the postal service and the military, a vast array of services are shuttered.And apart from the 800,000 employees losing their paychecks on furlough, the shutdown is interfering with programs some people rely on to live. Yes, Medicare continues, but people who currently need food stamps to eat sufficiently will face a serious obstacle. It’s a very real crisis, no matter how glib certain newscasters can get about it.  

So the radio silence from the social media accounts of government agencies is certainly a trivial side effect of the shutdown… but we’ll still miss tweets from NASA and Tumblr updates from the White House.

You can see their respective goodbyes in the slideshow above, and here’s a list of some of the best social media accounts you’ll have to go without until Congress yanks its collective head out of its butt. 

NASA’s Twitter account and Instagram accounts

NASA’s Instagram account just made its debut, too! If you want cool space stuff in your Twitter feed though, try following bad ass Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield during this difficult time.

The Curiosity Rover’s Twitter account

Unfortunately, the Curiosity Rover, the spacecraft trawling Mars, is not actually sentient. Employees of NASA are in charge of its Twitter account, so it also went dark.

The National Zoo’s Amazing Panda Cam

Not quite sure how pandas were deemed non-essential. The National Zoo tweeted the sad, sad news that its glorious Panda Cam will not run during the shutdown.

The White House Tumblr

The White House won’t be reblogging any of you Tumblr users during the shutdown.

Facebook and Twitter pages of the National Parks

No more pretty updates from Yosemite or the Statue of Liberty. And no visiting them IRL, either.

The Federal Trade Commission’s social media presence

Seems a little dry to follow the FTC on Facebook, but for those of you who do, you’re out of luck during the shutdown.

FAFSA’s Twitter Feed

You’re still on the hook to pay your student loans during the government shutdown, but don’t try to tweet the Federal Student Aid about it. They’re not responding.