Streets of Monaco Yacht pictures: Replica city and race-track on the high seas

With a prohibitive price of $1.1 billion the Streets of Monaco Yacht, named after the famous principality and millionaire’s playground, is a lesson in extravagance and exclusivity. Currently the largest and most expensive personal boat (Eclipse) belongs to Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, however the yacht, currently in its initial design phase, would no doubt make even the Russian a tad envious. Perhaps with good reason, as the yacht will feature miniatures and scaled down versions of the famous Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Racasse, the Loews Hotel and last but certainly not least, the owner of the yacht will have access to the main apartment which encompasses and astounding 4,800 square feet and is spread over three floors. The yacht even features a go-kart race track inspired by The Monaco Grand Prix. What good is being out in the ocean if there isn’t a beach? No need to worry as the vessel features a beach as well as multiple swimming pools and tennis courts.

As if the cost of purchasing the yacht wasn’t nearly enough, and believe me it is, the estimated cost of running the ship could total tens of millions a year. The only question that remains now is, who is going to buy it?