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This week in dumb Facebook arrests

People do some incredibly dumb and/or illegal things. And sometimes those people post about those things on Facebook….or Vine… or Twitter. And sometimes those people get arrested. A tribute to you, fair citizens, and you’re delightful oversharing ways. 

Photo 1: Walter Easley was arrested after he posted a Vine video of himself kicking a cat. The video is available on YouTube but it’s really pretty upsetting. Easley is 17-years-old, so hopefully he learns from this experience and recognizes that animal abuse is never OK.

Photo 2: According to Terrance King’s Facebook account, he’s a heroic firefighter. According to reality, he’s a dude who stole firefighter gear. The 21-year-old convinced real firefighters to show him around and take him for rides, and used the photos to pretend he was one. And he probably would’ve gotten away with it, except they noticed their gear was missing — and he left a very robust evidence trail on his account.

Photo 3: Things you shouldn’t do when law enforcement officials have a warrant out for your arrest: post on their account with a snarky remark. A robbery suspect got pwned by the sheriff’s office after he commented on their Facebook page and they reminded him that he was a fugitive. “It doesn’t shock us that this happened in Florida,” the suspect wrote. Which, fair enough. The suspect’s Facebook friends tipped police off about his whereabouts after the exchange, and now he’s in jail. Yikes.

Photo 4: They haven’t been arrested yet, but the frat brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha at Florida International University (of course, Florida) have landed in big trouble for their Facebook page, which clearly depicts drug dealing and hazing rituals — as well as non-consensual naked pictures of women. Seriously, when will people learn to stop posting naked pictures of other people without their permission? I’m getting exhausted from hate-reading stories about creeps.

Photo 5: Driving drunk is more “classless” than “classic” and posting about it rightfully got a teenager arrested when he bragged about clipping another car while under the influence on his Facebook page.

Photo 6: Uh, if you manage to steal a car and rob a bank without getting caught, you know what the next step normally is? NOT MAKING A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF IT. A teenager named Hannah Sabata was detained after she made a video bragging about her exploits called “Chick Bank Robber.” You can still watch the video on YouTube but be forewarned; I’m pretty sure it makes you dumber.

Photo 7: OK, this one isn’t real; it’s from an episode of Parks and Recreation. 

Photo 8: This guy actually managed to evade police in the U.K. for an impressive amount of time, but that doesn’t mean he was smart about it. Craig “Lazie” Lynch escaped from prison and taunted the police with Facebook updates. Oh yeah, and then he got caught.

Photo 9: Note to all wannabe riot participants: if you’re wanted for participating in a riot, don’t ‘Like’ a photo of yourself doing so on a police department’s Facebook page. They might check out who liked the photo and ARREST YOU.

Photo 10: If you’re a fledgling rapper, bragging is often part of what you do. However, boasting about being a criminal and actually posting evidence of it on Instagram are two different things, and only one of them can get you arrested. I bet you’ll never guess which option Brooklyn rapper Neno Best chose. He posted photos on Instagram that not only got him arrested — they helped police uncover an extensive gun trafficking ring.

Kate Knibbs
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Kate Knibbs is a writer from Chicago. She is very happy that her borderline-unhealthy Internet habits are rewarded with a…
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