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Photography Features

google lens smart text selection style match io 2018

Here’s what Google Lens’ Style Match, Smart Text Selection features look like

Google announced four new improvements to Google Lens, but what's key is that the technology is going to be built into the camera apps on phones from several other manufacturers such as LG, Sony, and OnePlus. We tried it out here at Google I/O 2018.
luminar jupiter speed performance increase skylum

Photo editing on old computers is slow, but this app just made it 12x faster

Skylum -- formerly Macphun -- recently put out an impressive update for its Luminar photo-editing software. We spoke with Skylum CTO Dima Sytnyk to talk about what inspired him and his team to tackle performance over new and shiny features in Luminar's latest update.

Meet Explorest, the photo-scouting app curated by real photographers

Tired of cat photos and selfies when trying photo scouting apps? Explorest is hand-curated by real photographers for pro photos and details. The app shares profit with photographers, Instagrammers, and travelers to create a curated list of photo spots. The app recently expanded to the U.S.
downhill camera operators interview red bull content pool  feat

Why downhill camera operators are winter sport’s true unsung heroes

Downhill camera operators for snowboarding films and big events like the Olympics or the Burton U.S. Open have a tough but highly rewarding job. Calling them the sport's unsung heroes is just the tip of the iceberg.
LG V30S ThinQ vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera shootout

Camera shootout: LG V30S ThinQ vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has earned plenty of acclaim for its impressive camera, but LG's new V30S ThinQ also has a great camera. How do the two South Korean brands stack up when we put the them to the test in a camera shootout? We found out in the beautiful town of Basel, Switzerland.
Google Pixel 2 Camera

Can Google’s Pixel 2 ace conventional cameras? We spent a week finding out

With incredible HDR imaging and a portrait mode that works with a single lens, the camera in the Google Pixel 2 shoots well beyond its class.

Can the DSLR reinvent itself to thrive in a mirrorless world?

As mirrorless cameras continue to pick up speed -- thanks to Sony's innovative offerings -- the DSLR is beginning to look like a dinosaur faced with enduring a meteor impact. But can it be saved? Here's how.
the history of microsoft paint screen shot 2018 03 20 at 12 09 57

How a former Kodak janitor built MS Paint, the world’s most popular image editor

The software you know as Paint started its life as PC Paintbrush. Digital Trends spoke to its creator about how the project came about, and its lasting popularity.
samsung galaxy s9 plus review horizontal

Low-light camera shootout: Galaxy S9 Plus vs. Pixel 2 XL vs. iPhone X and more

To find the low-light smartphone camera champion, we pit the Galaxy S9 against the Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, Mate 10 Pro, LG V30, and HTC U11 in a camera shootout in Barcelona.
led constant light versus flash prl lustra l50 3

Frightened by flash? Learn to light with an LED panel first

Flash photography can be a hard topic for novice photographers to face. Fortunately, if you want an easier way to learn about lighting, a small LED panel may be just the solution you need.
Google Pixelbook running Adobe Lightroom CC

Can a Chromebook replace a laptop in a photographer’s workflow?

With a native version of Adobe Lightroom, Google's Pixelbook proves that Chrome OS can mature. But can it keep up with MacOS and Windows for serious photo editing?
Adobe Lightroom CC iMac

From classic to cloud: How I learned to love Lightroom CC

instagram activity

5 features that make awful smartphone cameras a thing of the past

After five years of testing smartphone cameras, DxOMark is sharing the key features that mean access to better pictures in our pockets.
netflix face 2 made with gopros plaid shirt 3

This Netflix film was shot with nothing but GoPro cameras

Filmmakers shot the movie, Face 2 Face, using only GoPro cameras, which allowed them to capture the unique actors’ point of view and narrative that was required.
lee chapman

Get closer. Lee Chapman shares the secrets of his Tokyo street photography

Tokyo street photographer Lee Chapman likes to get close to his subjects, and often considers it a bonus if they look right at the camera. We asked the Brit about his work, and how he captures striking portraits of the city's many colorful characters.
prograde digital launches new memory card company cfast blackmagic 2 550

ProGrade Digital promises a failure-free card, but do you believe them?

Drawing on a combined 60 years of experience in the memory card industry, ProGrade Digital was founded with one goal in mind: To better serve the professional photographer and filmmaker community.
photograph the olympics winter 2018 oberstdorf ski flying world championships  germany 19 jan

What does it take to photograph the Olympics? Grit, not gear

There's a hidden competition at the Olympics -- the photographers vying for that great shot. Here's what it's like to be one of them.
truepic blochain image verification app lifestyle 2

How a blockchain-based digital photo notary is fighting fraud and fake news

Truepic is an image authentication company that’s taking a high-tech approach to fighting fraud and fake news, verifying images at the point of capture and securely encoding them in the blockchain.
shutterstock 2018 creative trends report 729969841

From unicorns to space, Shutterstock pinpoints 2018’s Creative Trends

Want to sell more stock photos or graphics? Try unicorns, space photos, women's rights or punchy pastel colors, Shutterstock's 2018 Creative Trends report suggests.
Nikon 180-400mm

2018 camera tech trends and predictions

Camera makers are shifting to higher-end products. While we'll see fewer products, we can expect greater features and performance in 2018.
2018 photography trends adobe stock storyblocks girl train

Authentic content is in: 2018 photography trends fuse reality and creativity

What will 2018 photography trends bring? Images that are both real and creative, stock photography data suggests.
Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm F1.2 Pro review

Olympus M. Zuiko F1.2 Pro lenses prove there’s life left in Micro Four Thirds

With great image quality, rich character, and professional build quality, the M. Zuiko F1.2 Pro lenses impress. But can the Micro Four Thirds format keep up?
new crowdfunding projects pryntpro for android

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Instant prints from your phone, snake fences

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week.
How to print digital photos

You shot the perfect photo. Here’s how to get the perfect print

Follow the right steps, and you’ll know how to print digital photos perfect every time, no matter the printer you’re using.
new crowdfunding project feature

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Ultra-grippy socks and dirt-cheap 3D printers

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week.
photo printing header

This isn’t the end of printed photos, it’s the golden age

Printed photos are far from dead. In fact, both casual and professional photo printing can thrive in the digital age.
lifelogging google clips press close

Google thought of everything with its new Clips lifelogging cam. Except ‘Why?’

Is Google Clips another lifelogging camera no one asked for, or is it the device that will finally jumpstart this trend?
Google Pixel 2 Review

The Google Pixel 2 camera already earned the highest scores yet — here’s why

The Google Pixel 2 camera mixes hardware updates and machine learning to create several unique features for smartphone photography.
to get perfect mountain shot corey rich climbs mountains cory interview photographer shots feat

To get the perfect mountain shot, photographer Corey Rich has to climb it first

For Corey Rich, mountain climbing and photography are just another day at the office.

Here’s what HEIF and HEVC are, and why they’ll improve your iPhone with iOS 11

Apple is adopting two new photo and video file formats, HEIF and HEVC. Here's a look at the benefits and limitations.
A smartphone displaying YouTube on its screen as it lays on top of a laptop's keyboard.

How to use variable speed on YouTube — and the process behind it

In a string of updates, YouTube now allows mobile viewers to speed up or slow down the video with variable speed. Here is how.

FrontRow is a wearable camera that lets you live in the moment, and capture it

FrontRow is a wearable camera by Ubiquiti Labs. Hang it around your neck and press the media button to live-stream and capture moments.
low light Canon ME20F-SH

Ditch infrared: Low-light Canon camera shoots wildlife at night in full color

With the low-light Canon ME20F-SH camera, Earth Live producers were able to shoot in the dark without the aid of infrared.
stamp image

Great White Shark photo, now on postage stamp, has an incredible backstory

With only around 25 selected each year, the story behind this stamp image is an inspiring one for photographers.