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National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez

Meet the National Geographic photographer who covered the Southwest with a Nokia

Could you fall victim to crime simply by geotagging location info to your photos?

Geotagging is a useful tool for remember where you shot a photo or sharing it with the world, but that location info could be used by criminals against you.

Despite challenges from disability, a photographer finds success in weddings

Jaleel King shoots weddings from his wheelchair. King discusses his technique and process, and the unique challenges of shooting from a seated position.
Yankees photographer Ariele Goldman Hecht stadium ariel view

Documenting a dynasty: Off the field with the Yankees’ chief photographer

Ariele Goldman Hecht has been behind the lens since she was a tot. As the New York Yankees' chief photographer, she combines two of her lifelong passions.
scott mead dt molokini sundown

Shifting gears: Photographer trades in his car keys for the Maui sunsets

Scott Mead grew up photographing fast cars and turned it into a dream job, but he gave it up to pursue his first love: taking pictures of nature.

iPhone or DSLR? One of baseball’s best pro photographers is a switch hitter

For more than 20 years Brad Mangin has been photographing the home runs, pop flies, strike outs, and stolen bases of one of the most beloved sports.
this guy figured out how to shoot a whole tv series with dslr bradford lipson 2

This guy figured out how to shoot a whole TV series with a DSLR

2013 in cameras mobile

2013 will be the year your camera starts to look a lot like your phone