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Watch: 10 tools that can save your life while shooting video

On the surface, filmmaking seems rather straightforward. Come up with an idea, have the equipment to film, and capture the scenes before editing them together in post. As with most things though, the reality is never that simple — and things will go wrong.

There are the obvious tools needed for assignments, such as cameras, lights, and your subjects. But beyond the basics are a few extra pieces of equipment that can help make or break your shoot, especially when adversity strikes, as it inevitably does.

To share just a few of these extra components, YouTube Channel Muse Storytelling has compiled a list of “10 Tools That Will Save Your Life (on a shoot).”

Throughout the seven-minute video, the Muse Storytelling team breaks down 10 different pieces of equipment that will save your hide at some point or another during a filming session. A few of the tools mentioned are specific to individual use cases, but most of them are versatile and capable of being use in a variety of scenarios that could arise.

Below is a list of the tools mentioned in the video:

  1. Black foil
  2. Grip heads
  3. Light dimmer
  4. Cinevate Simplis
  5. Utility knife
  6. Gaff tape
  7. Apple box
  8. Sensor cleaning kit
  9. Lee 12 x 12 assorted gel pack
  10. Cartolini clamp

If a few of those don’t ring a bell, don’t worry. The video explains what each tool is and the purpose they serve in your production workflow.

Take this list, pick up what you can (cash permitting), and you should be good to go for anything that happens during a video shoot.

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