New limited-edition 66/6 pinhole camera shoots with Polaroid instant film

While it’s a relatively straightforward process  to whack together your own pinhole camera for a bit of photography fun, those wanting something a little sturdier, a little more stylish, and a lot more, well, expensive, should take a look at the recently released 66/6 pinhole instant camera from Supersense.

Created and hand-built by Supersense founder Florian Kaps (who’s also the guy behind The Impossible Project) and designer Achim Heine, the limited-edition retro shooter features expanded rubber bellows for five different focal length settings, and a choice of two pinhole sizes (.12mm and .24mm).

Compatible with all square-format instant film – including Polaroid’s classic white-frame instant film – snappers who’ve only ever used a smartphone or more advanced digital camera may sweat a bit when it comes to using the analog 66/6 for the first time, though the experience should be enjoyable for keen photographers curious about the history of the craft or anyone simply interested in having a new encounter with a different kind of camera.

As we alluded to at the start, the 66/6, at $275, doesn’t come cheap. However, to lessen the blow just a teeny-weeny bit the makers are shipping each of the 500 hand-numbered units with a Certificate of Authenticity, a lovingly compiled quickstart manual, an exposure calculation chart sticker, and last but not least, an original silk print of Edwin Land, creator of the very first modern instant camera and to whom the 66/6 is dedicated.

A gallery on the camera’s website gives you an idea of what the 66/6 is capable of (some example shots are also included in the gallery above). Alternatively, if you’re already reaching for your wallet in a bid to be one of the first 500, the order page is here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name, 66 refers to the number of years that have passed since Edwin Land unveiled the first instant camera, and the 6, sniffle-sniffle, denotes the number of years since Polaroid closed down its last factory (although The Impossible Project thankfully stepped in with a rescue plan).

[Supersense’s 66/6 pinhole camera] [DesignTaxi via PetaPixel]

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