Adidas lets sneakerheads customize a pair of shoes using Instagram photos

adidas gives sneakerheads ability customize shoes using instagram photos custom sneakers

Custom kicks aren’t anything new, as nearly every company from Nike to Vans and New Balance offer customers myriad ways to create their own sneakers from a palette of colors, materials, and designs. Now, Adidas is taking customization to the next level of cool (or absurd) by printing users’ Instagram photos onto a pair of ZX Flux shoes from the Adidas Originals line.

The service one-ups Nike’s PhotoID approach introduced last year, which only lets you modify a pair of shoes using color tones from your Instagram photos. The Adidas program, Mi Adidas, lets you cover the entire sneaker with one of your favorite Instagram photos – which could either be awesome or the ugliest pair of soles that you’ll end up wearing only once. Regardless, whatever custom Instagram sneaker you end up making can only be attributed to you, and that makes it uber-unique.

Adidas will roll out the service in August 2014, via the upcoming Mi Adidas app for iOS and Android.

Check out the video (below) Adidas posted on their Originals Instagram account. If these sneakers aren’t your thing, Pop Photo found other services that let you apply your Instagram photos onto various products. It’s no surprise that companies are cashing in on the popularity of the photo sharing site. But remember, just because it looks good on your monitor or phone, doesn’t mean it’ll work well in another format.

(Via Pop Photo)