Apple highlights iPhone 6 video capabilities with short clips by users

Anyone with an iPhone 6 already knows they’ve got a darn good camera with them wherever they go. Apple highlighted the fact back in March when it launched its Shot on iPhone 6 campaign that saw photos by some 80 iPhone owners landing on billboards in 70 cities across 24 countries.

Scouring sites like Flickr and Instagram for images taken by regular folk – ie. not experienced pro shooters – the tech firm wanted to demonstrate that anyone, or at least anyone with an eye for a pretty picture, can produce head-turning shots.

Following what presumably was a successful campaign, Apple is now switching to the iPhone’s video capabilities.

Launching first on its iPhone World Gallery site before transferring this week to TV ad breaks in more than 20 countries around the world, the seven videos are a broad mix of material featuring everything from kids playing cricket on the beach to a dog lazing about on a lawn. As you’d expect, several of the pieces showcase iPhone 6 camera features such as slow motion and time-lapse. And at just 15 seconds, they’re short. Real short. In fact, each one actually runs for just 10 seconds, with the Apple logo taking up the remaining 5.

And as with the photos for its March campaign, these videos have also been shot by everyday users of Apple’s latest handset.

In recent months we’ve also seen what pros can do with the latest iPhone – the device was used alongside an iPad Air 2 earlier this year to shoot an entire episode of Modern Family, while DT recently pulled together a bunch of movies shot with not only the iPhone 6, but earlier iterations of the handset, too.

Of course, Apple is acutely aware that many of today’s high-end smartphones are also perfectly capable of producing awesome photos and video, so it’ll be hoping its ongoing Shot on iPhone 6 campaign works to persuade consumers that its device is the one to go for.