Icelandic blue: Awesome photos of Nordic landscapes shot with infrared lighting

Iceland is a country well-known for the splendor of its landscapes, waterfalls, and auroras. In addition to being a popular tourist destination (getting over half-a-million visitors each year), Iceland is a dream location for any photographer. U.K.-based pro shooter Andy Lee visited the beautiful country to capture stunning photos of Icelandic landscapes, but instead of using just a plain-old camera, Lee brought out even more of the natural beauty using infrared.

Lee’s Blue Iceland series of images was created during the photographer’s first visit to the Nordic country, and as he stated on his website, Iceland and infrared are “a match made in heaven.” Lee used a converted DSLR to show a darker, almost ominous  side of Iceland that is still pleasing to the eye. Though Blue Iceland was created during his first trip to Iceland, Lee stated that it wouldn’t be his last, so there might be even more of these images for us to appreciate in the future.

With infrared photography, Lee was able to pick up invisible light with his camera, which gives his images some really chilling properties. If you’re interested in learning how to shoot infrared images, Digital Camera World has some good tips for you.

(Via Colossal; images via Andy Lee)