Skip to main content aims to protect your lenses and give you a better grip on your camera

Camera lenses are intricate pieces of technology designed with mere millimeter tolerances to ensure an image is as sharp as possible. Despite this, the external design of lenses sometimes feels like there could be an improvement.

Enter, a new product designed to improve grip and increase protection for your fragile camera lens. Currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, is effectively a glorified rubber band that wraps around the focus and zoom rings of your lens to create a raised, textured surface.

The idea is the raised surface, in addition to the grippy elastomer material, will help provide a better grip when zooming and focusing your lens for quicker, more precise adjustments. Of course, the other benefit is the added protection the provides if you were to bump or drop your lens.

Already, the Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its $10,000 goal with 23 days to go. Early bird specials are still available for $24, but once those are gone, the pledge price goes up to $29.

Each ring you order will be sized to your camera lens and the ring it will be wrapped around. Once you receive it, the installation process is as simple as stretching out the band and wrapping it around the zoom or focus ring of the lens.

The first is expected to ship out in June if production goes as planned. As is the case with all crowdfunded projects, though, there is the risk it will never come to fruition, so pledge with caution.

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