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BeFunky Visionn for iOS turns videos into real-time animations

Visionn Preview
BeFunky, the company behind several online photo editing tools and the BeFunky Photo Editor for iOS, just introduced its latest app. Called Visionn, it applies artistic effects to both photos and videos in real time thanks to BeFunky’s patented Art Engine.

It’s the real-time aspect that distinguishes Visionn from other apps that perform similar effects, like Prisma. In addition, all of the processing is done on your device, so the app doesn’t require an internet connection and won’t use any of your data.

befunky-visionn-sample1 befunky-visionn-sample9 befuky-visionn-sample-13

Digital Trends had a chance to test Visionn prior to its public release, and we can confirm that it runs very smoothly — at least on the iPhone 7 Plus that served as our test machine. There’s no waiting to see what a picture will look like; simply swipe left or right to cycle through the included effects, and each loads instantly. Hold your finger on the screen to see a split image with a before/after comparison.

Naturally, it works with both the rear and front-facing cameras, and snapping off an incognito selfie is easy thanks to the real-time effects.

befunky-visionn-sample5 befunky-visionn-sample4 befunky-visionn-sample3

Video works equally well, with Visionn effortlessly turning live footage into artsy animations. When recording live, video is output at HD resolution (720p) and 24 frames per second on newer iOS devices (iPhone 6S and newer). If you’ve ever taken a stab at rotoscope animation, seeing it happen in real time at 24 FPS is pretty amazing. On older devices, resolution drops to 540p and 12 FPS. Videos previously saved to your camera roll can also be imported and will be output at their original frame rates.

Currently, Visionn offers ten effects, but BeFunky told Digital Trends that it plans on adding a new effect roughly every month and half over the next six months. The current lineup includes a variety of styles with several options for both color and black-and-white.

BeFunky Visionn is compatible with the iPhone 5S and newer; iPad Air, Mini 2, Pro and newer; and sixth generation iPod touch. It is available today from the App Store for $4.

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