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BenQ adds high dynamic range to 4K monitor it designed with photographers in mind

BenQ PV3200PT
BenQ is adding high dynamic range to the popular 4K monitors it designed for photographers, videographers, and other creatives. The BenQ SW320, a 32-inch 4K monitor, adds a few extra inches and HDR support to the company’s well received SW2700PT, while several new additions across the board extend the company’s lineup.


The latest monitor, designed with color accuracy in mind, includes the same 99-percent Adobe RGB and 100-percent sRGB as the earlier SW2700PT, a monitor which already shattered expectations. The new monitor supports high dynamic range input, which should enhance contrast even further. According to BenQ, the entire SW series is designed to display true-to-life images with the same detail they were captured with.

The SW320, like the SW2700, will also have built-in tools for color collaboration. Additional details about the monitor will be available after the company displays the latest options at the PhotoPlus Expo to be held on October 20-22.

The company also upgraded its popular monitor for videographers, adding the PV270 to the lineup. The monitor is a 27-inch QHD version of the 4K PV3200PT. Despite the differences in size and resolution, both are Technicolor Color Certified. Designed for video production work, the monitors use 10-bit 100-percent Rec. 709 color spaces, BenQ says.


BenQ also announced the new PD3200U and PD2700Q, both designed to enable mixing high quality graphics with workflow efficiency. The PD3200U offers a 4K, 32-inch display, while the PD2700Q is a more affordable 2K QHD monitor measuring 27 inches. Both options use 10 bits of color depth and a 100-percent sRGB scale for a wide range of color.

The BenQ PD3200U, PD3200Q, PV270 and SW320 are expected to be available for purchase in Jan. 2017, with the latest options all slated for display at PhotoPlus.

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