Best Buy Introduces Online Photo Processing

Already a destination for photography enthusiasts, expert and amateur alike, Best Buy’s new offering – found at – helps customers complete the picture-taking experience by allowing them to upload photos online, order prints online and pick up their prints at the nearest Best Buy store with no delivery charge. Prints may also be delivered to the home for a nominal fee.

Best Buy’s new service comes just in time for Halloween and the holiday season, two popular picture-taking occasions.

“Digital photography continues to grow in popularity on all types of devices, and cameras have become easier to use as prices have dropped,” said Mike Mohan, vice president and business general manager of digital imaging at Best Buy. “People love taking pictures with their digital cameras knowing that they won’t necessarily have to develop each photo. Yet, we know that many people are asking themselves ‘What’s the easiest way to get my pictures out of the camera?’ Best Buy imageLab offers a convenient option that addresses this customer need.”

Best Buy Image Lab

In addition to the photo printing/delivery capability, the Best Buy imageLab website allows customers to:

— Crop and edit digital photos

— Create online photo albums which can be shared with family and friends, who also can order prints to their liking

— Create personalized greeting cards and calendars

— Select from a wide variety of print sizes, ranging from wallet size to 12″ x 18″

— Contact Best Buy imageLab support professionals who are ready to help customers with their digital photography questions

— Access educational material about digital photography

Setting up a Best Buy imageLab account is free and easy and takes only a few minutes. Once they are registered, users may begin uploading their digital photos and ordering prints. Three days later, the prints will be ready for pick up at a Best Buy store or will be delivered to the customer’s home.