The best camera bags for every budget

Protect your gear on the go with the 15 best camera bags for every budget

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Domke F-2 Original Camera Bag ($110)

Donker F-2 camera bag

It doesn’t get any more classic than a Domke F-2. Used by photographers the globe over for decades, the Domke F-2 is a perfect example of function over form. Capable of holding two DSLRs in addition to three separate lenses and accessories, the Domke F-2 has the classic photojournalist look, with enough space to keep your whole kit safe, regardless of where you’re shooting.

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Think Tank Airport Essentials ($185)

ThinkTank Airport Essentials camera bag

Think Tank Photo knows a thing or two about creating quality camera backpacks. A prime example is its Airport Essentials camera backpack. Designed to fit most carry-on size limitations, Think Tank Photo managed to make a compact bag that’s still spacious enough to hold multiple camera bodies, up to half a dozen lenses, and even a laptop.

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Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag ($220)

Peak Design Everyday Messenger camera bag

Peak Design was quite literally Kickstarted into existence, in May 2011, when its founder Peter Dering launched the Capture Camera Clip on Kickstarter. Since then, the company has continually introduced new products, with one of the latest being its record-breaking Everyday Messenger Bag. Designed alongside noted photographer Trey Ratcliff, the Everyday Messenger Bag is truly a camera bag designed by photographers, for photographers. It features solid build quality, a unique origami-inspired divider system, and more bells and whistles than you could ever ask for in a messenger style camera bag. It comes in 13-inch and 15-inch variations, each of which can carry a DSLR, up to four lenses, a handful of accessories, a tripod, and a laptop of the respective size.

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Manfrotto Bumblebee-230 ($250)

Manfrotto Bumblebee 220 camera bag

Manfrotto is best known for its tripods and camera support systems, but back in 2014 it made its way into the camera bag game when it announced the purchase of Kata. Since then, multiple Kata bags have been rebranded with Manfrotto insignias and colors. One such bag is the Bumblebee-230, an interesting carrier that opens up from the front, revealing a very spacious divider compartment. Unlike other camera bags, which offer rear-panel access or side access, the Bumblebee-230 needs to be laid down before you can open up the front panel to access your gear. The payoff of the unusual design is a massive amount of space and a great deal of protection. In addition to carrying Multiple DSLRs and half a dozen lenses, the Bumblebee-230 can also hold a plethora of accessories in its upper compartment and up to a 15-inch laptop in a dedicated rear pocket.

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MindShift Rotation180 Horizon 34L ($260)

Mindshift Horizon 180 camera bag

Of all the backpacks, this is by far the most unique. Designed and produced by MindShift, the sister company of Think Tank Photo, the Rotation180 Horizon combines a quick-access belt system into a camera backpack. Packed inside the bottom of the bag is a dedicated compartment that can house a DSLR and up to three lenses. This compartment locks into place within the safety of the backpack, but with the quick lift of a magnetic connector, you can swing the compartment around from your back. This gives you instant access to your gear without needing to take off your backpack. Above the rotating belt pack, you’re given a generous amount of storage space for clothing, food, chargers, tablets, and more. For photographers who enjoy back-country hikes, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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