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The best microfiber towels for cleaning your lens for 2019

While most any microfiber towel will get the job done, we think the best one for cleaning your lens is the Nikon 8072. Not only will it keep your lenses sparkling clean, but it’s easy to transport thanks to the integrated pouch and clip. While a microfiber towel is far from the most exciting topic in the world of photography, it’s still pretty important. Expensive lenses for your DSLR or mirrorless camera need looking after, and for longevity, keeping them clean and free of dust and dirt is vital. Any photographer serious about their craft should carry at least one microfiber towel amongst their kit. So if it’s time for you to start taking lens maintenance seriously, or you need to freshen up your current towel, here are the best options for you right

The best

Nikon 8072 microfiber lens cloth

Nikon is known for its great zoom and prime lenses, so it should come as no surprise that the company knows a thing or two about keeping them clean. Their own branded microfiber towel comes in a compact clip-on bag making it easy to carry around. Removing dust with 8072 is made easier through the towel’s anti-static microfiber material. Nikon has designed this product to be used specifically on lens glass, so you needn’t worry about any scratches developing when cleaning your gear.

The rest

Sensei CCMF-77G

Microfiber towels can sometimes be found guilty of feeling flimsy in the hand. The Sensei CCMF-77G, however, comes with textured rubber dots on one side, giving you a more secure grip when using it. It’s 7 x 7.9 inches in size and easily foldable, so you’re able to squeeze it in to even the more packed camera bags. As well as keeping your lenses clean, this microfiber towel can assist you with setting the white balance on your camera, as the fabric is approximately 18% gray.

Leica lens cleaning cloth

As is true with most Leica kit, the Leica lens cleaning cloth is the most expensive microfiber towel on the list. If you like the premium feel that is synonymous with the Leica brand, then you’re going to enjoy having this in your bag. At a size of 8 x 8 inches, you won’t feel begrudged at having to carry this around. Photographers often complain that some towels smear marks rather than clean them. You won’t find that problem here, as Leica has committed to using the best materials in order to keep your lens smudge free!

ZEISS microfiber cleaning cloth

ZEISS make quality lenses. That’s why we’re pleased to see they make a great product to keep them well maintained. This non-abrasive microfiber towel will keep your lens free of scuffs and scratches. It easily removes dust, lint and annoying fingerprints. To get the most out of your ZEISS microfiber cleaning cloth, you can use it with their cleaning fluid, without having worry about streaks and spots.

MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths

Moving away from the traditional photography brands, MagicFiber offers a quality cloth at a very affordable price. It comes in a polybag pouch and does everything you would expect from this type of accessory. Expect to see dust, dirt, and smudges easily removed whilst leaving no scratches or streaks on your lens.

Kinetronics soft microfiber anti-static cloth

This offering from Kinetronics is a popular choice amongst photographers. It’s a 10 x 8 inches orange towel and is so soft that it will clean lenses, negatives and transparencies with no problems. Made with specially conductive fibers that are woven into the fabric, the Kinetronics soft microfiber anti-static cloth ensures an efficient discharge of static charges – making it easier to remove dust from your glass.

Schneider microfiber lens towel

The Schneider microfiber lens towel is designed to keep your lens in peak condition. It’s free of problematic chemicals and lint. After being used to remove dirt, it can be washed and cleaned – without losing any of its performance. When cleaning your glass, you’re encouraged to use it in conjunction with a lens cleaner fluid. This helps to remove stubborn dirt and dust, whilst keeping your optics smudge free.

Why microfiber?

Microfiber has become a popular choice over the last decade. It’s made from synthetic materials, commonly a polyester-nylon blend. Compared to cotton, a microfiber lens towel is highly absorbent. So instead of pushing dirt and dust around, it collects them and effectively removes them from your lens, making it easier to keep it clean. A quality microfiber towel will be more than capable of removing tougher substances such as mud, for example. And although more expensive compared to other materials, consumers can expect it to have a much longer life span.

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