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Built on a fast SSD, LaCie’s computer-free backup drive just got much better

The Rugged BOSS SSD brings faster performance to the computer-free backup solution thanks to a solid-state drive (SSD). Announced September 10 alongside two other Rugged SSD products, the new BOSS device maintains the built-in SD memory card slot, USB port, status screen, and mobile compatibility as the previous model. The battery-powered drive can quickly copy memory cards in the field without needing a computer, freeing up cards to be used or again or creating redundant backups for security.

LaCie’s first product in the BOSS line, the DJI Copilot, had a lot going for it but failed in one big way: Speed. We measured an average read speed of just 39MB per second in our review, making it unusable as an editing disk and painfully slow even for just offloading content. The new Rugged BOSS SSD seeks to right this wrong by offering speeds up to 430MB per second.

The move from a spinning disk to solid-state storage isn’t just about faster performance. It also means the new drive has no moving parts which, given its goal of protecting your data in the field, is a definite plus.

On the downside, the Rugged BOSS SSD will be more expensive and have less capacity than the DJI Copilot, offering 1TB of storage for $450. That’s half the capacity for an additional $100, but the increased performance will likely be worth it for video pros.

The other LaCie products announced today include the Rugged SSD and Rugged SSD Pro, both with IP67 dust and waterproof ratings. These are traditional portable drives without the battery power and built-in media backup capabilities of the BOSS line, but they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

They also offer even faster performance. The Rugged SSD tops out at 950MB per second over USB 3.1, while the SSD Pro reaches a blistering 2,800MB per second over Thunderbolt 3. A first for a portable Thunderbolt 3 drive, the SSD Pro is also compatible with USB 3.1 devices, albeit at slower speeds.

Where the Rugged BOSS SSD is available in a single capacity, the other drives offer multiple options. The base Rugged SSD is available in 500GB for $180, 1TB for $300, or 2TB for $500. The Rugged SSD Pro will offer 1TB capacity for $400 or 2TB for $700.

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