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Watch: How to survive in the wild by MacGyvering the gear in your camera bag

Surviving In The Wild: Can Your Photo Gear Save Your Life?
What are you to do when you’re out on a photo adventure deep in the backwoods and manage to get lost or stranded?

Hopefully, you were prepared enough to bring an emergency kit. If you weren’t though, not all hope is lost — your camera gear could very well save your life.

In a recent tongue-in-cheek video shared on The Camera Store TV’s YouTube Channel, photographer Chris Niccolls shows how various pieces of equipment in your camera bag can be MacGyvered into life-saving tools and equipment.

To start off the 14-minute video, Niccoll shows how you can crack a UV filter into a cutting tool. He then explains how various wires and camera components can even be rigged into a fly, which is then attached to the leg of a tripod as the pole. Amazingly, he actually catches a fish, albeit one on the small side.

From there, Niccoll covers the need for warmth. For this, he shows how alcohol solution — taken from his sensor cleaning kit — can be used in conjunction with a manual speedlight to create a spark and start a fire.

For shelter, Niccoll relies on his umbrella, a tripod, and a few lighting gels. Sure, even a sprinkle would ruin the setup, but he manages to pull it off.

The video is obviously a parody and not meant to be taken seriously, but from the looks of it, a few of these tricks could actually prove useful out in the boonies. Then again, you could probably replace all of these contrived solutions with a simple multitool and pocket lighter, so you’re better off just carrying those in your camera bag.

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