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Got an old Instamatic? This 3D-printed adapter will convert it to 35mm

camerahack 3d printed film adapters fakmatic 35mm adapter for instamatic 5
Film photography is making a comeback, and while the vintage tech may be easy to find, the film often isn’t — but that’s where modern tech comes in. Camerahack this week shared a 3D-printed adapter that allows 126 film cameras to use the easy-to-find 35mm format.

Camerahack is a personal project by a photographer that decided to build an adapter for his Kodak folding camera that no longer had available film. Since that first adapter, Camerahack now has six different adapters converting cameras with hard to find films into the standard (and still mass produced) 35mm.

The Fakmatic 135 to 126 film adapter fits most 126 film camera — including the popular Instamatic — and adapts the camera to 35mm. Because of the camera’s design, the adapter creates square images on the film, and the film has to be re-spooled. But for photographers that want to re-unite with a camera from their past, the adapter makes it possible.

The 3D-printed adapter uses a shell, a new spool and a lid to accommodate the film into 126 cameras. Because of the way the film winds inside the adapter, Camerahack says that a 24 image roll will fit about 16 to 20 images. After each photo, a “black” exposure, or a shot with the lens covered, prevents the images from overlapping.

Since Camerahack is a personal project and not a company, there are no warranties on the adapters and the hack takes a bit more than simply starting with a 35mm camera. But for photographers that want to shoot with a camera from their childhood, or want to put a collectable to use, a simple adapter could be a solution.

The 126 to 35mm film adapter sells for 22.50 euros (about $24), and also ships outside Europe, including the United States.

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