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You can now stream your GoPro adventures in realtime with the Livestream iPhone app

can now stream gopro adventures realtime livestream iphone app hero4 black
When GoPro announced its new 4K-capable Hero4+ and the touchscreen model Hero4, there was one thing missing from the specs list: live streaming. Considering that Sony had implemented a live streaming function in its new Action Cam Mini only a short while ago, it seemed reasonable to expect the same functionality from GoPro.

Now, if you’re a GoPro user and have been waiting for a live streaming feature to be added to your favorite action cam, wait no longer, as Livestream has just added GoPro compatibility to its iOS app. What that means is that when you pair your GoPro with your iPhone, you can stream your wingsuit jump to the Internet in realtime using the Livestream app.

All you need for that is the app, which is free on iTunes, a compatible iOS device running system 6.1 or later, and a 4G connection that is capable of transferring the data in realtime. Your potential audience can then watch your stunts live via or using the Livestream app, provided they have installed it on their devices.

The newly added GoPro compatibility was demonstrated live over at on October 6 during a kitesurfing event on Coney Island, NY. You can re-watch it on Livestream’s website to get an idea of what is possible with the app and a GoPro camera.

(Via Gizmodo)

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