Canon Intros Three PowerShot Cameras

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Canon has introduced three new PowerShot digital camera models, the SD770, SD790, and SD890 Digital Elph models. The new units each feature optical image stabilization, 10 megapixel resolution, Canon’s Digic III image processing, and face detection technology that can handle up to nine people in the same shot.

“The Canon PowerShot SD890 IS, SD790 IS and SD770 IS Digital Elph cameras carry on the trend-setting traditions and extend the boundaries of technological ease and the individual sense of style that has always been at the heart of the elph line up,” said Canon USA’s senior Vp and general manager Yuichi Ishizuka, in a statement. “Canon continues to draw upon its 70 years of imaging excellence and photographic expertise to develop new technological advancements, as well as create stylish form factors as seen in the iconic box and circle design of ELPH cameras.”

The PowerShot SD890 offers a 5× optical zoom, a 2.5-inch LCD display, along with a multi-control dial for easy access to shooting modes and an optical viewfinder for times when the LCD display just won’t do the job.

The PowerShot SD790 sports a 3× optical zoom and a 3-inch LCD display; the camera’s controls have been reconfigured to offer a falt control panel, but the camera still features a quick-to-use multi-control dial for selecting camera settings on the fly.

The PowerShot SD770 looks more like the traditional Elph design and offers a slimmer, higher-capacity batter back that raises the number of images that can be taken on a single charge to about 300. The camera sports a 2.5-inch LCD, an optical viewfinder, and a 3× optical zoom.

All three new PowerShot cameras come with Canon’s intelligent anti-blur system so even action photos come out crisp; the cameras also sport motion detection technology, hi-ISO modes, and noise reduction. The units also sport in-camera image enhancement (including red eye reduction), sport USB 2.0 connectivity, and store images to SD/SDHC memory cards. (The cameras come with a 32 MB car.) The SD890 should land at retailers in earlier April for a suggested price of $399.99; the SD790 should be available at the end of March for about $349.99, while the SD770 will land in mid-April for about $299.99.