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Canon fans, here’s a new line of clothing just for you

canon 24 105 f4 af defect
If you’re a diehard Canon fan who has long worshipped the company’s cameras (and perhaps drooled over one or two pricier lenses), it might feel like a no-brainer to slip into some new, if somewhat unexpected, clothing that is being offered by the Japanese camera giant.

For the first time, Canon has released a range of branded apparel and accessories that include not only vintage camera T-shirts but also bibs for babies.

One of the T-shirts celebrates this year’s 30th anniversary of Canon’s EOS camera system, highlighting shooters from the EOS archive, while others feature Canon’s original ‘Kwanon’ logo from 1934.

There’s a rather fetching Kwanon crew neck sweater, too, and a stylish gray hoodie with the same logo. The new collection also features a Kwanon baseball hat, as well as a jacket that handily incorporates an SD card pocket, battery pocket, detachable lens cloth, and a lens pocket —– perfect for your next outdoor shoot.

The new range also includes a camera bag, a backpack, and an umbrella, while the aforementioned branded bibs — clearly an effort by Canon to persuade the pro photographers of tomorrow that Canon gear is best — come with cute illustrations of several cameras (Canon ones, naturally).

If the clothing doesn’t cut it, then how about a collectible miniature model of Canon’s Hansa camera (complete with stand and display case), the company’s first production model and Japan’s first high-quality 35mm camera that launched in 1936.

As a collection of merchandise from a company not known for clothing, Canon appears to have done pretty well with its new range, offering mostly tasteful designs that anyone — except, perhaps, Nikon shooters — could comfortably wear on the streets.

Now, it should be noted that Canon currently delivers the merchandise to addresses in the U.K. and Ireland only, so if you’re in the U.S. and believe the Kwanon cap or perhaps the jacket is what your life has been missing, you’ll have to get creative to lay your hands on the gear. For details on pricing, check out Canon’s online store here.

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