Canon Powershot A80 Digital Camera Review

Quote from the review at Future Looks:

“I would definately sell my Canon Powershot A60 for this lovely Canon Powershot A80, as would other people I have talked to about this camera. The main features I loved about the camera were the 4.0 MP CCD, and the variable-angle LCD display.

The design of the Canon A80 was nicely laid out. I found the menu buttons to be easier to use than the previous series. I just have to rotate my thumb, allowing a quicker response time, when setting up the functions of the shooting modes. One nice feature about the moveable LCD display is that you can turn the display towards the camera to protect it from being scratched when not in use, something I wish my A60 had.

I would recommend this camera to those who want to take their “point-n-shoot” skills to a new level and want to have more control of their images. They can start of with the automatic modes, and slowly work into the manual modes. Adjusting the shutter speed, perhaps then the aperture, and then going into adjusting both. Don’t worry; if the settings you choose are not the best, the display will show you that they are incorrect.”

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