Canon’s latest campaign in Australia touts no products, focuses on eye of the beholder

canons latest campaign australia touts products focuses eye beholder canon whatdoyousee

Back in December of last year, we mentioned a study by the University of York that found the reflection in the pupil of the human eye could reveal a lot of information. Canon Australia used that same idea in a video for its new campaign, #whatdoyousee. The one-minute teaser (see below) flashes through different eyeballs, with varying scenes reflected in each one.

The concept is that each person sees things differently. The different scenes depict a skydiving jump, a meteor passing through a night sky, a newborn child, a surfer, and a sunset, just to name a few, ending with the tag line, “No one sees it like you.” It’s a simple message, yet powerful in its delivery.

As PetaPixel points out, not one piece of Canon equipment is featured in the promo. If it weren’t for the Canon logo at the end, it could be an artsy commercial for anything. All we know now from this video is the start of a new hastag, possibly Instagram related or some type of social media connection. There’s no word on what this campaign will entail, whether it’s for photography or video, but Canon globally has been working with the theme of unleashing your inner creativity with its equipment, for some time.

(Via PetaPixel)