Stepper motor in Canon’s new EF-S 55-250mm lens means no more AF noise in your videos

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Canon has added a stepper motor to its latest EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM telephoto zoom lens (and yes, names for lenses are still a mouthful). Canon’s Stepping Motor (STM) allows for quieter operation when the lens is focusing. STM lenses are great for those who use their DSLRs to record video, as there wouldn’t be any noise from the lens motor that’d interrupt the audio captured. Designed for Canon’Canon says this lens is the “perfect companion for the EOS 70D, EOS Rebel SL1, and EOS Rebel T5i” DSLRs, but you can use it with any Canon EF-S mount DSLR. At $350, it’s an affordable for amateur DSLR videographers.

The lens is described as small and compact, but that doesn’t mean it’ll fit in your pocket. It has optical image stabilization and one UD lens element, which Canon says reduces chromatic aberration throughout the entire 55-250mm zoom range to create images with high resolution and contrast. It has a 7-blade circular aperture to create the bokeh effect (soft background blurring). The front lens element doesn’t move, so it’s ideal for when using polarizing filters. “The lens’ rear focusing system, high-speed CPU, and improved AF algorithm allow for high-speed autofocusing,” Canon says, and manual focus is available even when in AF mode.

The lens will hit stores in late September.