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Casio shows variety with its EX-ZR100 and EX-H20G

EX-ZR100While we’ve already told you about the swivel-friendly TRYX, Casio also debuted a more traditional mode, the EX-ZR10. It’s a typical point and shoot with manual capabilities that also features a 12.1 megapixel sensor and dual image processor. It’s got a stunning 12.5x optical zoom without need a hefty lens, making it possible to still fit in your pocket.

EX-Z100For more serious photographers, this is absolutely a better choice than the TRYX, which looks more like a novelty item compared to this model. It’s got a feel comparable to handhelds we saw from Samsung earlier today, without the 3D capability of course. What’s surprising is that Casio did not include any 3D options in its lineup for 2011, a trend with nearly every camera manufacturer we’ve seen this year.

Still, it’s a capable device that also includes Casio’s HDR imaging feature for quick image conversion – the built-in filter can do without any photographer investment in the editing process.

While Casio didn’t make the foray into 3D cameras, it did take part in the GPS-photo trend we’re seeing a lot of. The EX-H20G has GPS tagging and tracking with Google link and is the first camera able to use geo-tagging functions indoors. Of course it also has some good specs for actually taking pictures: the 14.1 megapixel camera has sensor shift image stabilization, can shoot 720p HD video, and 10x optical zoom.

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