This chimpanzee takes on a drone with a big stick, and wins

If the White House security team is looking for an effective way to protect the president and his home from incoming quadcopters, they might want to get in touch with the folks at Royal Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands.

A chimp there recently took unkindly to a TV crew’s drone entering its enclosure, so much so that she armed herself with a long stick to swipe it out of the sky.

The zoo said on its website that as soon as the drone became airborne, the peeved primate grabbed a stick before taking up a strategic position toward the top of a tree.

While the drone buzzed around the enclosure capturing footage for a TV show, the armed chimp waited patiently, apparently concealing the stick behind her back.

Then, as the flying machine came within striking distance, the chimp was quick to whack it with her weapon, sending it crashing to the ground.

“The chimpanzees of Royal Burgers’ Zoo once again proved how intelligent they are,” the zoo said on its website.

It added that the rest of the chimpanzees quickly gathered around the ex-flying machine whereupon they set about dismantling it “with much enjoyment.” The camera, reportedly a GoPro, kept running the whole time, providing some entertaining footage in the process.